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Hello, I am Tomas

I'm a trumpeter and I currently live in Prague. Most of all

I like Czech polka - Czech brass music. And that's why

I gave myself a challenge, that here in Prague, in its centre,

in the capital of the Czech Republic, I will build
this house - the Czech Polka House.

My biggest dream is for this house to become a place
where fans of Czech brass music from all over the world
will meet.
So not only guests from our country, from Europe,
but simply from all over the world. From America, from Africa,
from Japan. Just like Czech Polka Škoda lásky, Here comes the Navy,

Beer Barrel Polka has traveled all over the world, so its fans

will meet here, in the capital, in Prague, in the centre,
in this house - 
in the Czech Polka House.

Czech Polka House


That's him

Czech Polka House 

This is what the house I want to build in Prague 
might look like
- inspired by functionalist architecture 
and Czech brass music.
Its interior spaces then combine 
elements of a café, restaurant and dance bar 

into one amazing whole.

Here, breakfast, lunch and even a whole afternoon 
with your favourite book will be an experience in itself. 

But what I look forward to most are the evenings. 
Every day after 7pm, the Czech Polka House will turn 
into the Czech Polka Bar.
The evenings here 
will be truly unforgettable.

Czech Polka Bar Orchestra

Because will be playing

Czech Polka Bar Orchestra

I will establish this orchestra - the group of young musicians
who will attract the attention of Czech polka fans
from all over
the world with their concept

of Czech brass music. 


The Czech Polka Bar Orchestra will play here every day

and will also regularly host other unique bands

on this very own home stage.


The whole idea is simple - everyone who will be
in the mood to dance and sing Czech polka 
just know
that here, in the Czech Polka House, it's played

every day. 


Because Czech brass music is cool and I wish
it would to become a part of everyday life.

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